Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New Year

Well, it HAS been a long time since i was here last, hasn't it!...

No excuses or explanations, you know how it is, just on with the show eh?

Since the new year arrived, I havent read a thing. Well, I've started a couple, but finished nothing. So not much to report on that front.

Maybe it's an idea to sum up some favourites of last year...?. yes, I think I might just do that.

Last year I read A lot of Laurell K Hamilton. I was practically eating up those books (having been pointed in their direction by the lovely Stacy), sometimes reading about three in a week.

Two books which spring to mind as being particularly fabulous were:

Soon I will be invincible by Austin Grossman. Being a huge superhero fan, i adored this book, didnt want to end and now hope that there will be a sequel.

Mr Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll. Any one who loves Pride and prejudice should like this book. Its not Jane Austen but all the characters are back doing new (and quite naughty) things, and I just loved it.

A classic I got around to reading this year was I am Legend by Richard Matheson. Picked up at my local library, I read this before I even knew about the new film of it.

An author I'd never previously tried, Iris Murdoch was a delightful discovery for me. I read The Severed Head and whilst it wasnt a particular favourite, I really liked her writing.

My top read of the year would have to go to Khaled Hossieni for his second book One thousand splendid suns. Its a fantastic book , I completely loved it.