Saturday, 30 June 2007


Just looking at the 'little' list of books that I am reading....

and really, I have far too many on the go.
The situation has arrisen because I just have so many books that I want to be reading, I can't help myself and end up picking up and dipping into several at any given time. Added to this are my monthly book club reads...

What is a bookwhore to do?

Read of course!

My aim is to clear the list to the right before adding any new titles...a task that will be difficult indeed as I recently bought the new Laurell K Hamilton, the latest in the vampire series I've been reading (thanks to Stacy :) ) and I'm just itching to read it.....

I think I'm going to be a might bit busy for the forseeable...

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I wish I was a speed reader...

I'm sitting in a room of wall to wall books....

Sounds delightful, does it not? And indeed it is.
My daughter is across the park at school and I have already chosen an armful of books for her (I have corrupted her from a mere sappling - she's totally addicted to books already...yaay!), and seen at least another dozen or so that I would like to take out myself...but I cant.

My card is full.
My shelves at home are full.
My "to-read" list is leagues long.

I wish I was a speed reader so that I could read all the books I want to.

Or maybe it would be nice if I could absorb all the stories osmosis style; just from having them on my shelves. (A similarly nice idea would be if just by having fitness dvd's, or at most, watching fitness dvd's, could transform my body to it's pre-baby condition).

So many books.. so little time.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Technology at it's finest

My my my, it's been quite a while since I dusted the shelves in here, hasn't it?...

I'll not do the 'not-blogged-blah' so.. lets skip ahead a little.

One of the books that I'm reading at the moment - one of quite a few if you glance to the right - Is a book by Sue Townsend (of Adrian Mole fame). It's called The Public Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman.

The blurb on the back says:

Over the last decade, Sue Townsend has written a monthly column for Sainsbury's Magazine. Covering everything from hosepipe bans and Spanish restaurants to writer's block and the posh middle-aged woman she once met who'd never heard of Winnie the Pooh.

Now collected together for the first time, these funny, perceptive and touching pieces make up the brilliant new book from one of Britains most popular and acclaimed writers.

So far, I am enjoying the book. It's a blog readers type of book really, without the necessity for an internet connection; portable, lightweight and totally wireless.

It is funny, and you can read a whole chapter in the time it takes to boil a kettle - the chapters of course being one month's article.

I think I'll give it a six out of ten so far, being as I havent finished it yet, and if it were a blog, I'd already have linked to it.

Nb. I've decided to add a little point scorer for when I review the books - much like my MIR. I chose little islands to indicate whether or not I would like to take the book to a desert island with me...I'd need a helluva sized luggage trunk....

6 out of 10 - so far.